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Great article on the newest ships sailing the Great Lakes

05/18/2015 David

After Canada allowed ships to be built abroad, the Canadian fleet has added or ordered 14 new ships. It should be fun looking for the new ones this summer!

Seven new freighters have entered the Great Lakes trade since 2012. Another ship has been launched and is fitting out; four more are being built; and two more are on order.

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Great Lakes ice delays shipments

03/24/2015 David

This is a great article on the winter's impact on the Great Lakes shipping companies as well as the indirect impact on the companies that rely on the products shipped via the Great Lakes.

Shipping is usually up and running again by March. But the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, the critical system of locks that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes, has been postponed until April 2. Even when the locks open, there is no assurance that all of the lakes, particularly choke points prone to ice buildup, will be navigable.

Last year’s ice-induced delays reduced early shipments from the United States by seven million tons, according to the Lake Carriers’ Association, which represents American shipowners. That amounts to about 10 percent of all American shipments on the lakes.

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2015 Shipping Season Underway

03/23/2015 David

From Duluth Port Authority:

The first two U.S.-flag lakers are on schedule to depart the Port of Duluth-Superior on Monday, March 23, signaling the start of the 2015 commercial shipping season at this end of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway system.

On Sunday morning, the John G. Munson, with an assist from Heritage Marine tugs, is set to move from its winter berth at Fraser Shipyards in Superior to first fuel at the Port Terminal then shift over to the CN Duluth Dock to load 24,000 short tons of iron ore pellets. On Monday morning, the Munson is slated to depart beneath the Aerial Bridge, destined for Gary, Indiana.

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Will the Army Corps prioritize Soo Locks reconstruction?

03/20/2015 David

Congress is pressuring the Army Corps of Engineers to prioritize the replication of the Poe Lock in Saulte Ste. Marie.

The 48-year-old Poe Lock is the only one big enough to move the largest of the Great Lakes freighters passing between Lake Superior and the lower Great Lakes. The Poe Lock handles approximately 70 percent of goods transiting the Soo Locks. Delegates want another large lock built before maintenance issues interrupt commerce.
The letter estimates that a 30 day unscheduled closure of the Soo Locks could cost $160 million. Read the full story on MLive.

Cruise down St. Clair and Detroit Rivers

03/16/2015 David

My dad passed along this video to me via the Detroit MetroTimes website. A time lapsed video of a freighter sailing down the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers. I'm not sure what ship it is??

Man Rescued Walking Across Lake St. Clair

03/06/2015 David

U.S. Coast Guard ship Neah Bay rescued a man who was walking across Lake St. Clair. The man said he was walking across the lake from Detroit to Toronto and was at the beginning stages of hypothermia when he was rescued.

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Great images of the frozen Great Lakes

03/02/2015 David

The Great Lakes is now up to 89% covered in ice, and the recent clear weather has provided some great pictures of the lakes. Checkout the MLive arcticle to view the pictures.

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New Great Lakes Cruise ship

03/02/2015 David

The M.S. St. Laurent, a new cruise ship offered by the Great Lakes Cruise Co., will set sail on July 5 from Quebec on a nine night cruise. The 105 stateroom ship is 286 feet long and features nightly entertainment, lounges, bars, and many other amenities. Prices on the Quebec to Chicago cruise range from $4,199-$7,999 per person.

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Greenwoods guide to Great Lakes shipping

02/27/2015 David

Has anyone ever purchased a Greenwoods Guide? I just came across the product and am looking for reviews. What's the detailed information not available from any other source? Email at [email protected] if you've purchased this product in the past.

Arthur M. Anderson rescued from ice in Lake Erie

02/25/2015 David

The Arthur M. Anderson ship was stuck in Lake Erie ice for 5 days before being rescued by two Canadian ice breakers. The Canadian ice breaking ships had to rescue both the freighter and the Detroit based Bristol Bay ice breaking tug after it ran low on supplies while trying to rescue the freighter.

The Arthur M. Anderson ship was the last ship in radio contact with the Edmund Fitzgerald before it sank during a Lake Superior storm.

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